About Us

Executive Chef Scott Miller, C.S.C
Classic training, insightful creativity and the desire to improve are just some of the reasons that Seasons of Coeur d’Alene is so pleased to have Chef Scott Miller in their kitchen. Scott’s passion about food and his depth of experience at restaurants in Tucson, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Spokane and the world class ski resort of Steamboat Springs Colorado add to the mix as well.

Scott’s ambitious “no shortcut” approach to cooking provides for many spectacular and exciting meals and events. With a cooking style that encourages the natural goodness and personality of ingredients to speak volumes, his presentations vary from enticing rustic to detailed elegance. “The best dishes come together out of love, caring and simple ingredients.” He says “if you feel excitement working with food, it will always come through for your guests” Give him an opportunity to describe any meal; he can transform the sublime into an orchestra of flavor profiles, combinations and character.

Our guests can eagerly anticipate what upcoming specialties and time honored classics will become “Scotty-fied”. His philosophy that the four seasons, locale and guests provide the road map to creative culinary adventure makes for a stunning dining experience.